Examination exhibition series

Inspiration feeds creativity.
Creativity feeds inspiration.

I - Pernilla – Writer, columnist, never-ending life reflector
II - Eva – Dressmaker, fashion designer, bold style connoisseur
III - John Ola – Composer, artist, stripped music hypnotist

'The creators' is my examination exhibition project, shot and produced during my final year at Fotoskolan Göteborg (Photography School Gothenburg) and exhibited at Gothenburg Film Studios in December 2012.

Fascinated by the circle of inspiration and creativity, I knew I needed to focus my project on different types of creators. Reaching out to different types of artists, we initiated dialogues about what they do, why they create what they do,  what inspires them,  who they inspire, who they are… And the conversations shaped and carved out image ideas, building onto concepts. Through my portraits, I want to tell their stories, hoping to feed the circle of creativity.