Sub-series to Parallels
Fine art

Originating from my series 'Parallels', 'The confined souls' demanded its own tale. In the summer of 2012 me and my husband took a photo trip through the middle parts of Sweden to find fascinating locations for me to shoot for 'Parallels'. We knew of this derelict and incredible mental hospital, beautiful in its obscurity but haunting in its history. Although, we did not know what to expect due to its rapid decay and how the human exploration had affected it the last couple of years.

When entering the building, the story of 'The confined souls' unraveled, forcing itself upon us. The experience of visiting this place of confinement was intense and forceful. We could almost touch the feeling of human presence of a time that once was. Questions arose, and bounced against the walls. This is my echo.

The artwork is available as beautiful fine art prints in limited editions.