Turn your past, present, or wildest dreams into a unique piece of art

Commissioned portrait photography by JENNY JACOBSSON


A single photograph can truly tell a full story. It holds the power to enchant us; to make us pause and reflect. It invites us to a world of emotion and intrigue and it lets us relive a story of the past or dream of what is to come. It gives us the opportunity to experience the beautiful tale of the one portrayed.

Wouldn't you say a portrait should be just like that? I surely do. Therefore I offer a portraiture service far beyond the usual headshot. My mission is to turn you and your story into a unique piece of storytelling art. Why hang someone else's story on your wall as an art piece when you can hang your own!


    "This is by far the most beautiful thing I've ever been a part of."


    "The picture that Jenny created for us was just what we had wished for, but so much better than we ever could have dreamed of! If you want a picture out of the ordinary, where you, in addition to be invited in all stages, also receive an experience to remember for life rather than a single occasion, then Jenny is the right photographer. There is no doubt that the magical picture Jenny created for our family will be the place to gather around and marvel at for many many years to come - both for our family and others who gets to see it! It is an image with the most beautiful subject we can imagine."

    Charlotte & Niklas

    "This was an amazing experience for me. I had already seen evidence of Jenny's ability as a photographer, but in the process I also discovered how impressively empathetic and responsive Jenny is. We had deep personal conversations and together we made the image concept grow and mature. Everything in the process was a pleasure, but these conversations are to me as lasting memories as the picture itself."


    "I normally feel stiff and awkward in front of the camera. And I really didn't want an image looking like one of those "model-for-a-day" ones with studio poses, which makes me feel really uncomfortable. With Jenny, nothing of that happened! The atmosphere was 100% relaxed and she got me to unwind in front of the camera, which is not an easy task in my case. I even forgot about the camera every now and then because it was so much fun to live the part in the little scene the image represented. If you want a unique image and memories for a lifetime, there is no more responsive and dedicated photographer than Jenny."


    "Autumn sure is my favorite season, and I try to bring that warmth and coziness wherever I go. Being in nature, walking barefoot and being one with the season is something I love and deeply value - to have it captured so beautifully means a lot to me.

    Personally, I'm on love. My dreads are so beautiful, the scenery amazing and the dress which I've had in my possession for so many years is finally captured forever, in the most amazing way. It means a lot to me. I hope to model for, and enter other worlds, with Jenny again someday! She's an awesome photographer, artist and person."


    "Jenny has the ability to create an image that is unlike anything else you've seen. She has tremendous talent both to sense a mood and visualize it. She photographs with an energy and joy that really rubs off and performs the digital craftsmanship with perfection. She leaves nothing to chance and creates a photo that is timeless and which for many will be a memory for life."

    Maria & Marcus

    "We had been photographed before, in a studio, and even if the photographer was professional we never got the feeling that "we" were the focus. Rather, we were guests in an - for us - unknown environment. It didn't make it easy to relax and be natural - especially for our son. We got pictures that were nice looking but nothing that deeply portrayed "us" and our history. To be photographed by Jenny was everything but such impersonal experience - instead, we have been on a unified journey, where the goal was to create a true portrait of us as a family. Instead of a single occasion lasting for one hour, this has rather been an experience stretching over weeks. It made the whole family engaged and feel comfortable. Based on her observations of us as individuals, Jenny so easily elevated what our history communicates and there was never a doubt that it was right."

    Charlotte & Niklas

    ”If you are to be portrayed once in life, it surely must be by Jenny."



    Your story is worth to be a piece of art. Portray the unique beauty of what you are all about; relive your past, capture your present, or experience your dreams.


    A portrait from me is conceptual, strong in its idea, based on and telling your unique story. I will put it in an environment where it belongs and thrives. Behind every art piece lies careful planning and an advanced digital craftsmanship to create imaginative and extra striking pieces.

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    ...a single portrait of a person's unique story speaks louder than a dozen of snapshots. To be frank, I was so tired of looking at a constant stream of storyless images online and on social media, pitching nothing else than how you think you should look or what you need to be like...

    ...until the day I discovered a new world of photography. It actually changed my life (read MY STORY) and is now my biggest passion. Where a portrait shows what your heart desires or an anecdote from your life. Where an emotion or characteristic that expresses your personality is illustrated. When the viewer just pauses, watches, feels, and reflects. That doesn't show who you think you ought to be, but instead portrays the beauty of what you are all about. That shows your true self; your past, your present, and your dreams.

    My characteristic style is narrative, dreamy, emotional, and captivating. I'm known for my cinematic and imaginative feeling, where the scenes can have a touch of realistic surrealism and where I make the impossible possible. If that's your cup of tea, we will make magic together.

    Creating these imaginative conceptual portraits requires careful planning, a well executed photo shoot, and advanced digital craftsmanship in Photoshop. We will go for capturing your image as perfect as possible in camera, and then after the photo shoot, the storytelling is completed in front of the computer. I will  use my expertise to digitally sew different frames together to create those realistic surrealistic effects. And with careful and well thought-out editing colour, tone and light are altered to enhance the oh so important emotion and atmosphere of the image. Also, I do careful retouching based on need and your wishes.

    Maybe you want to seize your history before it is forgotten, or revisit and relive a time that once were? Maybe you want to capture a moment in time that is right now and that will never come back? Or perhaps experience something that only has been part of your dreams, to portray a fantasy, or a place that you can not visit by any other way than to go there together with me… Your story can derive from something grand, or it can be the smallest of things that carries the most beauty. And if it's not all about you, why not make sure that a loved one gets portrayed?



    Truly I believe that you value quality before quantity, that you want a piece of art.  Therefor together we will create one unique portrait, and this portrait will be presented as timeless prints for your wall, that will remind you about the beauty of your story every day.

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    ... or hidden away on a disc in a drawer. It deserves to be seen and loved daily, and hung in your home with the dignity that is you. Why hang someone else's story on your wall as an art piece when you can hang your own?!

    Your portrait can make you, your friends and family pause, reflect, relive, laugh, cry, and dream for many years to come, by being a storytelling artwork in your home.

    Your prints are printed by hand by professionals, as archival pigment prints on fabulous high quality rag paper to create that special piece of art. From me you will receive these prints, free for you to then mount and frame according to your own taste and style.

    Also, when you have been part of creating something that really expresses yourself, you will likely want to share your story with the people around you. So I will accommodate your prints with an image optimized for the web made available online via Jenny Jacobsson Photography, free for you to tag and share on social media.

    See more details under PRICING.



    To create a unique art work telling your specific story, each collaboration needs to be a one of a kind experience. Together we will dive into your story and through 5 clear steps we will move forward. I will use my expertise to make sure you will get a fun, smooth, and exciting experience.

    Read more a previous one there is a great way to smoothly move us forward towards the goal of hanging your story as a portrait on your wall.

    The process consists of 5 steps:
    1 Building your story and image concept
    2 Preparations
    3 Photo shoot
    4 Advanced digital craftsmanship
    5 Viewing and delivery

    For more detailed information, download the PDF "5 steps to your unique piece of art".

    Since a portrait should be all about you, I will be absolutely delighted if you participate in the creative process. Creating your piece of art can be a fantastic collaboration and be exploring, fulfilling, therapeutic.  If you are up for it, I am sure that when you truly will be heard and get the opportunity to relish in the creative outlet, you will love your portrait even more. Let us together make sure that the story, the location, the clothes, the props, and the emotion all come together to highlight what makes you you.

    If you instead are thrilled by letting me interpret your story and find it intriguing to get to see yourself through my eyes and lens, I will also be happy to take the full control of your story. It all comes down to what you are happy and comfortable with.

    I'm a strong believer that great work cannot be rushed. Therefor I am dedicated to give your story the time it needs to grow and thrive. There is no ticking time clock; no rate. With my expertise in creating emotional imaginative portraits, we will move smoothly through the 5 steps.

    I dedicate myself to finding that essence, that powerful story, through our conversations. Each portrait is a sensitive and carefully handled process and we will move forward together when we both feel that the concept is completely right. We will talk through clothes and props and make sure they are fitting your story like a glove. We will let your story shine by carefully looking for and finding the right location. No impersonal studio space, but YOUR location. And when it's time to shoot your portrait, we will aim to have a incredibly fun and exciting day!

    My biggest goal is to see you get fascinated, become strengthened by the experience, be filled with positivity, maybe view the world with different eyes, be proud of yourself, and feel that you've been part of making art.


    To make sure you will get your spot, book your portrait service in good time, preferably at least 6 weeks before you would want it shot. E.g. if you dream about being photographed with cherry blossoms in the middle of April, book before March.



    I'm a strong believer that great work cannot be rushed. Therefor I want to give your story the time it needs to grow and thrive. There is no ticking time clock; no rate. I will use my expertise in creating emotional imaginative portraits, moving us forward through 5 clear steps, to make sure you will get a fun, and smooth experience. And especially an exiting time, exactly what telling stories is all about.

    Please contact me for detailed information about my packages.


    "At the age of 31 I completely changed my life. I stopped researching the human limitations and instead, started creating new worlds where everything is possible.

    I took a huge and scary leap, and feel so lucky to now be working with what I truly and intensely love, every day. My big passion and mission is to, with my imagery, make you feel that the impossible actually can happen. To make you stop, and look again. I want to invite you to come with me, into my special version of storytelling…."

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    ...I remember it so clearly. It was one of those boring afternoons of mindless browsing online. Pictures after pictures just passing by without making me stop and reflect even more than a second. Suddenly I stumbled across this one image. A surreal and whimsical photograph, telling a story deeper than I'd ever thought possible with photography...

    ...I fell head over heels and it sucked me in completely. It was like a new world had opened up, and there was no return. I spent hours and hours that day, and the following, and the day after that one... just discovering more about photography, learning, getting ideas what I would want to say with an image, thinking about possibilities. And then I decided to go out and try my very own version… And I've never stopped since.

    And so it happened that at the age of 31 I completely changed my life. I had spent 10 years within the academic world, getting a Master of Science within neurobiology and working at a DNA analysis company, when I decided to follow my heart and passion instead. About two years after that one special day, spending every spare hour living, breathing and engulfing knowledge about photography and Photoshop, I left my old career behind, and embraced the world of imagery by attending school for Professional Photography (Fotoskolan Göteborg). Now a few years later I work with creating what I love every day. And I've never looked back.

    I'm a conceptual photographer and digital artist specializing in portraits, used for homes, fashion, and commercial photography. I absolutely love to create narrative, expressive and emotional imagery that make people feel that the impossible is possible. I'm an image constructor, meticulously crafting all details to often form my special version of realistic surrealism. That makes the viewer stop, and look again.

    Since my images often stand out from the crowd and tend to fascinate, I get commissioned to do talks, create courses and workshops, and also to make video courses for the educational site Moderskeppet. Passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiration, the goal is to inspire other image makers, and to teach creative storytelling as well as techniques for conceptual photography and editing.See complete list of my talks, courses, and workshops on LinkedIn

    I am also available for commercial commissions and assignments, as well as continuously making fine art photography. Check out my commercial and fine art portfolio here.

    I reside in Göteborg on the beautiful west coast of Sweden. I grew up on the Swedish countryside where open landscapes, forests, and nature were always present and I've always loved the magic of a wild scenery. Nature is now my place for relaxation and inspiration, so when you don't see me behind the camera you will often find me there! Also, I love great novels and being enchanted by movies, especially accompanied by my husband and graphic designer Andreas, my rock and soulmate. With whom I also have an absolutely incredible daughter, our beloved little Lily. So coming up with fun family activities and mischief, going to the cinema, laughing over coffee downtown with the family, or hang out with my awesomely dorky friends is a way I love to spend my time. But very very much, I must say, it's about those images…


    Göteborg / Gothenburg, Sweden, but I work on location without boundaries.


    2017 ’Parallels’ - Group exhibition, SPEGLA | NP33, Norrköping

    2016 Selected works - Group exhibition, Gothia Towers | The Gallery, Göteborg

    2015 ’Parallel worlds’ - Solo exhibition, Gothia Towers | The Gallery, Göteborg

    2015 ’Forty Faces’ - Collection exhibition, Sandell Gallery, Göteborg

    2015 Selected works - Group exhibition, Wakakuu, Göteborg

    2015 ’Parallels' - Solo exhibition, AstraZeneca Art Association, Göteborg

    2014 Selection by Fotosidan - Group exhibition, Riksfotoutställningen (RIFO), Fotografiska, Stockholm

    2012 'The creators' - Group exhibition, Gothenburg Film Studios, Göteborg

    2011 'Monday Projects' - Group exhibition, Lalaland, Göteborg


    View list at my blog


    View list at my blog

    Education (photography/art)

    2013 Internship. Assistant, retoucher, and project manager at Cooper & Gorfer

    2011-2013 Professional Photography. Fotoskolan Göteborg

    2012 Digital Imaging. Jönköping University

    2011 Photography - Digital Still Imagery A & B. Mid Sweden University

    2010 Digital Enhancement with Aaron Nace - Advanced class. Webinar series

    2010 Digital Photography with creative direction. Art College, Göteborg


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    I reside in Göteborg / Gothenburg, Sweden, but I work on location without boundaries. Feel free to contact me (in either Swedish or English) if you want detailed information about my packages, to book your meeting, or if you have any questions.

    To make sure you will get your spot, book your portrait service in good time, preferably at least 6 weeks before you would want it shot. E.g. if you dream about being photographed with cherry blossoms in the middle of April, book before March.

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