Series in progress
Fine art

At the age of 31 I completely changed my life. I had spent 10 years within the academic world, getting a Master of Science within neurobiology and working at a DNA analysis company, when I decided to follow my heart and passion instead. I left my old career behind, and embraced the world of imagery.

‘Parallels’ is my reason for photographing. That made me take the huge leap, leaving everything I knew behind. ‘Parallels' are the stories that I have to tell. My escapism. The unveiling of the parallels to the ordinary world we all can see. It’s an examination of the human connection to location. A research of the bond between landscape, facts, and the human imagination.

Forming this realistic surrealism, I speculate if breaking physical laws and disobeying science, making the impossible possible, is a reaction to the world of putting everything under a magnifier and analyse the physical nature down to the molecules. It can be a fight of letting go and setting the mind free. What else can we see? What is that hidden story, of an at first sight ordinary place? What happens, if we throw away our magnifying glasses and see beyond?

The artwork is available as beautiful fine art prints in limited editions.